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The Witcher 3 Endings - Spoiler Thread

Discussion in 'The Witcher' started by C3pp4r3ll0, Jun 28, 2015.

What was your ending ?

  1. Happy ending

  2. Touching ending

  3. Sad and tragic ending

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  4. I have not finished because I did not want my hair became white as Geralt... this game is too long !

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  1. C3pp4r3ll0

    C3pp4r3ll0 Dark Souls addicted :-P

    Forgive me if I open another thread about The Witcher 3, but I think it is fair considering the presence of massive spoilers:

    this thread covers the ways that Witcher 3 can end. Story spoilers follow, so continue at your own risk.

    I just finished the witcher 3 and I'm still excited about the ending, I would like discuss it with you; What was your final ? What were the reasons that led you to choose certain options ?
    I'm very happy with how it is ended; luckily at 1st attempt without peeking into various endings guides and/or without reading tips, it turned out exactly how I wanted to, even if after watching the others endings on youtube, I'm not sure if it is objectively the best ending.
    As Witcher players well know, the game is full of consequential choices, all of which add up to a different ending, most of these are small variations of each other; there are, in fact, just three major endings (I mean those concerning Cyri).

    This is the ending I've got:

    - Cyri becomes a full-time Witcher (major ending)

    - Kill Radovid and side with Roche so kill Djikstra

    - Emhry wins the war and Temeria can govern itself

    - Cerys becomes Queen of Skellige

    - Geralt ends up with Yennefer.

    and this is the video:

    Now I will try to explain these my choices:

    At the beginning I thought that the choice of which place (Novigrad or Skellige) explore first, could influence the fate of the final, as I had explored before Skellige I was a little bit worried, but fortunately this did not affect my final; the "only" consequence of this choice, was that I avoided romancing with the female characters met after Yennefer... it was big hardship I know, especially deny Triss, but at the end it was better so, otherwise my Geralt if attempted to romance them both (Triss and Yennefer) he will spend the remainder of his days as a Witcher on the open road, occasionally reminiscing with old friends about the life he might have lived instead. After all, retiring together with Yennefer is worth.
    I completed the quests A Deadly Plot and Reason of State, assassinating Radovid V and then siding with Vernon Roche, because I was worried about the fate of sorceress, and I tried to stop Radovid and his inanse persecution. Between Djikstra and Venon Roche I prefer Roche.
    Supporting Cerys was almost inevitable considering the difference between the two heirs to the throne of Skellige.

    Back to the issue what is the best major ending:
    IGN and other sites consider Cyri becomes Empress of Nilfgaard as the "best-case-scenario"

    Watching this ending maybe is true, for sure imho it is the most touching: seeing Geralt gives Cyri piggyback ride and then the farewell scene is so touching :(... perhaps it is also true, that Cyri as empress will be more useful rather than a witcher;
    but I prefer to spend more time with her so I really liked my ending.
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2015
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  2. Devilfrog

    Devilfrog Good

    Thank you for pointing out the "SPOILER" in the headline, it would be tragic if someone reads the thread before having finished the game.

    - Cyri becomes the new Empress and rules it wisely (major ending)

    - Radovid was killed by Philippa EIlhart and I killed Djikstra as he wanted to kill Roche

    - Emhry wins the war and Temeria can govern itself

    - Cerys becomes Queen of Skellige

    - Geralt ends up with Triss.

    Personally I can live with that ending although I was a little sad that Ciri did not chose to become a witcher (or witch/witchress ?)
    Still for the whole Empire and the people it's probably the best ending ...

    Edit: Thx Eric
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2015
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  3. Eric

    Eric Specialist

    Tyvm for posting, I didn't read yet, lol. So I don't know whether or not this could be useful:

    We have spoiler bb codes:

    [SPOILER]Text with spoiler[/SPOILER]

    results in

    Text with spoiler

    [SPOILER=Some spoiler title]Text with spoiler[/SPOILER]

    results in

    Text with spoiler
  4. C3pp4r3ll0

    C3pp4r3ll0 Dark Souls addicted :-P

    I added the bb codes for spoilers.
    If there is need to add some other protection let me know.:)
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  5. Dahlia Gray

    Dahlia Gray Queen of the Ludolands (and beer)

    thx for the posts! what is the best ending for cyri? being a witch or being the empress? i'd say she'll be more happy with being a free witch, but maybe i'm just thinking this because it is my end. and goddamn, i should have killed radovid!
  6. C3pp4r3ll0

    C3pp4r3ll0 Dark Souls addicted :-P

    I have also a big regret... I failed one of the most beautiful sidequest of the game: Annabell and Graham :(
    Instead I have no regrets for the death of Keira since she acted like a praying mantis:mad: only because I had given some advice to stay away from Radovid.
  7. Dahlia Gray

    Dahlia Gray Queen of the Ludolands (and beer)

    Finally managed to embed my ending - you already know my biggest regret (Radovid!!!)...so I'd rate my ending as happy and free for the witcheress Ciri but sad for the people suffering under Radovid's rule.
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  8. Micha183

    Micha183 Good

    hey everyone,

    hereĀ“s my ending, think its one of the good endings :) sadly the quality isnt good at all (ending starts at 3:20)

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  9. Dahlia Gray

    Dahlia Gray Queen of the Ludolands (and beer)

    what? geralt stays alone in the end? so you didn't take yen or triss? it just told me you're live on twitch atm, i'll come and have a look :)
  10. Micha183

    Micha183 Good

    Huu yes, story of my life :rolleyes: Thought its a good idea to stay single, Geralt is a huge fan of friendship+ :D Thanks for your visit yesterday.

    greetings to all
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  11. Dahlia Gray

    Dahlia Gray Queen of the Ludolands (and beer)

    enjoyed the visit! need to finish tlou myself now!

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